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November 9th, 2011, 4:44 pm

Intrepid Hunters

Intrepid Hunters

We noticed that quite a few of our fans were leaving, which actually makes us quite SAD. The thing is we never know why, so we just guess there's not enough sexual activity. Or that the story's boring, but as it is right now, we still like what we've thought about for Intrepid Hunters, so we'll stick to it ;)

So, one day, there will be SEXUAL ACTIVITY (yes, this will be a love story) but the thing is with love stories, so we think, you need a STORY before the love...

We thought this was important to let you know, cause we know that this is a little bit long, but it takes time in our script to introduce the story and the different characters, and we thank all of you who are staying.

If you think about leaving our fan list, well first of all, know that we'll truly miss you and then, try to leave us a little comment or message to let us know why you're leaving, cause this is important to us to get critics so we can know what to change or keep.

Thanks again for beeing so numerous (and patients) with us.
We love everyone of you guys.

L. & F.

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